A Step by Step Process

A Step by Step Process

Our shoemaking process is a handmade process from start to finish. Expert craftsmen are involved in each step, making each shoe a unique piece.

So I would like to share with you a complete behind the scenes look at the Serás shoemaking process.

Over time my inspiration emerged from different things like antique pictures, memories, movies, colors, places, objects, etc.  While I draw my designs I like to listen to music and enjoy the creative process.

When the model has been completed we select materials to finish the design process. Serás shoes are made with Argentinean premium leather combined with kidskin and fabrics.

The next step is to draw the design on the shoe last. A shoe last is a mold that emulates a foot to give the shoe its shape.

Then, we are able to make the patterns. The needed pieces to make a shoe are hand cut from high quality leather using the patterns.

The parts of the leather to be stitched then it need to be made thinner before sewing them.

Each shoe is stitched together on antique Singer sewing machines, through which tiny and delicate stitches can be made.

The next step is assembly. In this process shoes are shaped around a last.

The shoemaker adds a counter in the heel and toe reinforcement is placed between the lining and the leather at the front of the shoe. This serves to hold the foot firmly in place within the shoe. Then, the insole is nailed under the last and with a clamp the leather is stretched and glued on the insole. The sole is placed on the bottom of the shoe, and the heels are glued and nailed.

Finally the sole and edges are sanded, and the sole is painted with the correct color.

Our shoes are made with love and dedication preserving original techniques and shoemaking traditions.

Each design is born from inspiration, for comfort and beauty just for you!

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