About Teresa - Expert Argentinean Shoemaker

About Teresa - Expert Argentinean Shoemaker

I would like to share Teresa´s life story with you. She is woman, mother and expert Argentinean shoemaker.

I am proud to work with her, not only because she is brilliant at what she does but because she is a fighter who with a lot of effort and dedication leads her family business.

Teresa was born in Berazategui, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has two older brothers.  She lives with her beautiful 9 year old daughter.

Teresa, How did you become interested in shoes?

My father, Arístides who is 79 years old, worked his whole life making shoes. In his 20´s he started sewing shoes, he worked with my mother. With the passage of time he became an expert in his job. He is still working with us.

The workshop was always close to my house so work and family life were always together. I grew up surrounded by shoes.

My father told me that when I was 6 years old, I cried because I wanted to learn about the shoemaking process. So, my parents gave me little tasks so I could start learning.

With my brothers we were learning the process step by step. When I was 10 years old, I already knew how to use sewing machines.

I always enjoyed working with my family because everyone works hard to achieve our goals. I think that the most difficult thing is finding a balance between work and family life.

Shoemaking is a wonderful job but sometimes it is not valued by big factories and it is not always well paid.

Did you always want to be a shoemaker?

Not really. When I finished high school I started to study Astronomy in the university but then I decided to stop because I felt it was too difficult. Then I studied to become an insurance broker. I worked in that job for 10 years.

I liked working in insurance but I did not feel a passion for it. So, I decided to go back to my first love, the shoemaking process. It is the best I know to do and fills me with happiness.

My family was happy and opened the workshop doors for me again.

That was how we started working and we never stopped.

Is it difficult to work in an industry led mostly by men?

I have tools to deal with this masculine world because, I grew up around men, brothers and cousins. So, I am used dealing with them.

Many times people told me “Women are not able to assemble shoes because, they need a lot of strength to do it”…but here I am assembling shoes!

I think that women can get strength from inside themselves.

When people tell me that I am not able to do something, it becomes a challenge for me and it fills me with energy to do it.

What are you passionate about?

I was always passionate about shoes. Because of this I went back to my origins, I love working in this field.

When we are working time flies, which show us that we enjoy what we do.

Three years ago my doctor told me that I have Lupus, a disease characterized by inflammation of the affected organs. At the beginning I felt that everything was collapsing but, fortunately I can have an almost normal life thanks to medication.

This disease affects my long term memory and muscles. Although many times I have had hard pains in my muscles when I finished assembling shoes, it never has stopped me but on the contrary it empowers me to continue. I have learned to enjoy every day.

I always thought that if this situation did not stop me nothing can stop me.

How do you see the future?

I would like to keep expanding our company and continue growing it.

If our business grows we will be able to create jobs opportunities for other people, and be able to help people, which is very important for us. In the beginning people helped us, now we would like to help other people.

Lastly, Would you like to share something important with women who are embarking on a new path?

I think that the most important thing is to do what we like and enjoy each step in your path.

You always need to have a positive attitude. If we feel confident about what we want, we will get it.  Never give up!

You are limited only by your own negative thoughts. Think positive and you will achieve it.



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