Serás Shoes Social Impact

Serás Shoes Social Impact

The handmade shoe process is an interesting process that involve different steps where many people are involved. Serás craftsmen expertise has been developed over many years by making shoes that are unique works of art. Whereby, when you buy a pair of handmade shoes you will not only have a lifetime shoe, but you can also contribute with the work of many artisans who live in emerging countries as in Argentina.

Serás Shoes works with small family businesses, collaborating to create social and job opportunities and help them to improve quality life.

Our relationship with our partner members is based on respect and trust, setting fair conditions and maintaining a transparent communication.

Serás aims to create an impact on fashion movement generating awareness of responsible consumption and helping women to feel confident wearing their own style, as they are, breaking the stereotypes established by the fashion world.

We are interested in issues related to women's rights and equal opportunities. This is why our shoes are designed by women for women.

Serás Shoes Social Impact

Serás Shoes Quality Leather

Serás Shoes Handmade Process

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