Serás Shoes Is Part of The Slow Fashion Movement

Serás Shoes Is Part of The Slow Fashion Movement

As part of slow fashion movement Serás Shoes uses slower production schedules, creating new designs and two times a year they are added to the designs of past years, forming part of a unique collection. Our patterns are reused season after season and combined with new patterns.

With the purpose of zero waste designs, we make small-batch collections to be sure that what we produce is what we sell, making each design exclusive. To reduce waste from our production process, we use every single piece of leather creating the “Color Sprinkles collection” and the “Flash of Sweetness collection”.

Color Sprinkles is a jewelry collection where each piece is handmade by Argentinian artisans who shape the leather to create unique and charming earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Our most recent addition is Flash of Sweetness, a bag and coin holder collection. Every design matches perfectly with our shoes to give a finishing touch to your outfit.

Instead of chasing trends, Serás Shoes utilizes enduring styles. We not only design timeless shoes but we make them with premium leather because if we are creating shoes built to last, the materials must hold up over time.

Slow fashion is not only brand´s practices but also customer's habits. So, are you ready to be part?


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