Shoe Care Tips by Serás Shoes

Shoe Care Tips by Serás Shoes

Tight shoes

Are your shoes tight?

If you love your shoes but they fit too tight, I have an advice for you.

You will need thick socks, alcohol and cotton ball.

Rub the cotton ball in the shoe lining of the tightest areas.

Do not rub on the outer part of the shoe, only inside the shoe.

By last, Put on thick socks and then wear your shoes.

Wait for 20-30 minutes.

Take the socks off to check how the shoes fit.

You can repeat the process if they require more stretching.

Now, you have comfy shoes!


Moisturize the leather

Remember that leather is skin so it is very important keep it moisturized to last.

You can use hand cream to moisturize the leather by applying small amounts to it, and your shoes will look like new!


Keep your shoes dry after use

Protect your shoes from water because water could damage them. If you cannot avoid wet weather you will need to air dry your shoes at home.

Keep your shoes clean

Any dirt could stain and damage them, so before you keep them wipe your shoes down with a lightly damp cloth.

You can use a shoe polish in the same color or neutral. Apply the shoe polish with a cloth. Let dry, then buff to gloss.

The shoes polish helps to protect the leather and it can cover any scratches or scuffs. 

Protect your shoes from sun or excessive heat

Exposing shoes for long periods of time can cause the leather to dry out or the shoes to peel off.

You always keep your shoes in fresh places; you never should keep it in the trunk on summer.

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