Mariana Belchior

Women's Footwear Designer for Women with Personality.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My first vocation was being a pharmacist, a career which I specialized at Buenos Aires University. Since childhood, I was interested in fashion. I loved playing with my mom and grandma shoes. Later, I designed "Emilia" sandals inspired in those memories. Argentina is one of the main producers of leather worldwide. That is why I always learned to appreciate shoes made from leather. At the university I met my husband who become a great adventure partner.

Moreover, my curiosity for shoes was growing. I started buying woman shoes with different styles. Through them I realized I could express my feelings and personality. It was hard to find unique, comfortable and durable shoes. So I wondered, “Could I make my own shoes?” Kids came, first my lovely son and two years later my family got completed with the arrival of my sweet daughter. While my daughter was a baby my question became stronger “Could I make my own shoes?” Without knowing it I found my passion! I started studying shoe design to design my own line of shoes and suddenly friends, relatives and acquaintances began to request me to make shoes for them. After all, my journey never stopped and my dream came true. Now, I live in the US where I have my own business, a lovely challenge which I would love you to be part of!

One Of a Kind

Each design is born from inspiration, comfort and beauty.

Ethically Handcrafted

Shoes are handcrafted by Argentinean artisans.

Limited Edition

We support wasteless and small quantities production.

About Us

Shoes Designed for Women


Our mission

Serás was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the mission of creating a space for women to express themselves through fashion. We stand with women who have been fighting for equal rights for generations, for the right to vote, the right to control our bodies and the right to equality in the workplace. Our designs are unique, timeless and feminine for strong women who break with the stereotypes that society imposes on them.
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Séras Shoes Vision

We always believed that the shoes we chose reveal something about us. Shoes are how we look standing in front of other people. Every woman is different and we would like that everyone find her own way to convey her personality. Women have interesting stories to tell and Serás designs are bridge to do it. We are convinced that all women are beautiful just as they are and we support them in their path to try to find the best version of themselves. Many of us are mothers, friends, wives, workers, businesswomen, housewives and many times we do everything at the same time. So, when we design we think in that. Our shoes are designed not only for comfort but also have very feminine and romantic flair on them. We believe that being comfortable as well as stylish is an important thing in our life.

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